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My Pandemic Story

Where do I start? Let's start with the first group to come for a visit us here at Velo Velefique.


A great group of lads came over and we had three amazing rides. Alto de Velefique, Cabo de Gata and the stunning AL 7107 coast road. Even the first night having dinner we noticed things where not quite right. Places closed and talk of lock-down. Yeah you got it, THAT weekend. So my first group was also my last group up to now. Velo Velefique was operating for three days, then we all went into lock-down.

In Spain the lock-down was very strict. We could not go out and exercise, so the old indoor trainer came out. I must admit I find it hard to do any real km's on it but I did enough, so that when we were able to ride again I felt ok. If lock-down was tough the next bombshell was life changing.

In August I went to Ibiza for a month's work, back to my old job as a chauffeur. Amazing clients staying in a incredible villa. Not really work I hear you say! You would be right. Best job ever!!

About one week in and a large lump appeared on my neck. I went to see a doctor and they said it was an infection, take these antibiotics for two weeks. A week later and the lump is even bigger so I go back to the doctors. This time I see a different doctor and he says he is concerned and I must go and have some tests. Can you see where this is going?

I went for the tests but for some reason they said I must go to the emergency room and cancelled my appointment. I had asked the lovely clients if I could have the time off for the appointment and they said yes, of course. I think they looked at the second head growing out of my neck and it was scaring them!! It took over eight hours for the doctors to see me, I nearly walked out a number of times, I knew the clients needed me to work later that night. Thank God they told me to stay and get seen as the tests showed a tumour in my throat, on my tonsil to be exact. Who gets cancer of the tonsil? Its sounds so...daft I thought.

I travelled back home to Almeria.

I will write more next week. At the moment writing that has taken a bit out of me. Rule #5 I hear you say. Ok I'll show you Rule #5 in the next Blog. Laters

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Proud to call you my brother.

Stuart Mottram
Stuart Mottram

Hola. Love you our kid x

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